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Why I Became a Pediatric Nurse

Happy Nurse’s Week to all the nurses out there! I hope each one of you finds yourself on the end of something very chocolatey and delicious! May your scrubs remain free of stains this week, may you eat your lunches sitting down, and may each patient you encounter have excellent veins. Hooray!… Read More

HPV Answers

Have questions about HPV ? Listen to our very own Dr. Keffer give you a little info on this very important vaccine! But as always feel free to ask your pediatrician here at OHPA about any questions or concerns you have!… Read More

Wash Your Hands!

When I think of germs I picture the round, green blob on the Mucinex commercials. GROSS! Germs are not something that I want in my house, on my body, or the body of my sweet toddler. My little one attends daycare full time and loves to play in the dirt, pick her nose, and constantly has her hands in her mouth. Seriously… it’s gross!… Read More

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