Wash Your Hands!

Wash Your Hands!

When I think of germs I picture the round, green blob on the Mucinex commercials. GROSS! Germs are not something that I want in my house, on my body, or the body of my sweet toddler. My little one attends daycare full time and loves to play in the dirt, pick her nose, and constantly has her hands in her mouth. Seriously… it’s gross!

As someone who works in healthcare and is constantly around sick kiddos, I am exposed to quite a few germs to say the least. As much as I wash my hands and sanitize, those little green blobs still find their way into my house, whether it is from my shoes, my hands, or even my scrubs.

During sick season my family amps up on our vitamins, we get our flu shots, and we buy extra Lysol. (After everyone has gone to sleep, I literally spray everything.) Both hand sanitizer and hand washing are a must! We make it a priority to do all of these things in hopes of keeping healthy during the winter months, when cold and flu bugs are everywhere. Being sick during this holiday season is certainly not something on my Christmas list.

My advice to you is:

  1. Make hand washing a habit. Before meals, after using the restroom, after being outside, after going to the store, and a few times in between just for good measure.
  2. If someone sick is coughing, breathing or looking in your direction… spray them with Lysol… I’M ONLY KIDDING! But really, wash your hands friends. It’s the healthy thing to do and your very best defense against spreading germs to you and your family!