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Mental Health Awareness: Anxiety in Children and Teens

By Dr. Kristen Powell We believe that mental well-being should be taken just as seriously as physical well-being. It is vital, as parents, to take time to care for yourself … Read More

Introducing Dr. Caroline Prescott!

We are so excited to announce that Dr. Caroline Prescott will be joining OHPA at our Bellevue location beginning August 1st! Her schedule will be open for appointments beginning June … Read More

Healthy Habits Begin with Small Steps and a Plan

By Dr. Chris Smeltzer  No one likes to talk about weight or change. I offer no guilt slinging here. Studies of healthy habits in kids show that following these habits … Read More

Known Issue With Portal Billing Feature

Currently, our patient portal is experiencing a glitch within its billing component. Both OHPA and our EMR are aware of the issue. Due to this, you may see a balance … Read More

We now use Medicopy as our record release provider

If you are in need of your child’s medical records, please be aware that we now provide records through Medicopy. Click here to request records if needed: If you have … Read More

Seasonal Allergies and Your Child

By Dr. Jennifer Ragsdale   Springtime in Middle Tennessee brings beautiful weather, blooming trees, and suddenly the hillsides are bursting with green!  Although it is such a pretty season, not … Read More

The Story of One Vaccine Study Subject : From Dr. James Keffer

By Dr. James Keffer In 2003, I was a resident at the University of Cincinnati (UC) up in Ohio, not long after the 9/11 attacks a year and a half … Read More

We are here to provide all of your child’s primary care needs

We are here to serve all of your children’s primary care needs, including evaluation and testing of flu, strep, and COVID if your child is experiencing symptoms. We are also … Read More

EMR Conversion Announcement

The reason we are telling you about this transition is because while it will be a positive change, you will see a few issues while we implement this new system.  … Read More

The Importance of Vaccines

Our physicians at OHPA recommend that our patients receive the standard vaccine schedule. Dr. Keffer is here with a quick reminder on the importance of being vaccinated. JAMA on the … Read More

Getting Your Baby Ready to Leave Home

Dr. James Keffer When my oldest child was born, I was overwhelmed with all the things my wife and I would need to do to raise him. Most urgent was … Read More

Security Updates to Our Patient Portal

An extra security feature has been added to our patient portal to help keep your Personal Health Information secure. When using the Patient Portal,  you will need to access your … Read More

Helping Your Child with Anxiety

By Sarah Grayce, MD and Emily Hardcastle, LCSW  Child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist at the Nashville Child and Family Wellness Center In uncertain times like these, many kids (and parents) are … Read More

Newborn Nursery Policy Updates

Due to coronavirus concerns, Vanderbilt has asked community physicians to refrain from rounding in their newborn nursery. If you deliver your baby at Vanderbilt, your baby will now see a … Read More

How to Use an Inhaler, Spacer, or Nebulizer with Children

During this season of colds and RSV, we see plenty of wheezing around our offices. Often this will require a prescription for an inhaler, spacer, nebulizer, or a combination thereof. … Read More

Winter Weather Policy

During seasons of cold and wintery forecasts, please know that we work hard to keep both of our offices open. However, we also have to keep our staff’s safety in … Read More

Holiday Hours

We are proud to be open 7 days a week, 363 days a year! We also offer an after-hours night clinic that rotates between our two locations. Weekend clinic is … Read More

That’s a Wrap: An Old Harding Nurse Embraces Change and Heads to the Farm

 That’s a Wrap: An Old Harding Nurse Embraces Change and Heads to the Farm By Sloan Lowe One of the great things about living in the state of Tennessee are … Read More

Getting to Know Dr. Vicky Phillips

Tips on Keeping Kids Physically Active By Dr. Vicky Phillips Hi everyone! Dr. Phillips here.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share a few things that … Read More

Back to School and Back to Sleep

Back to School and Back to Sleep By Dr. Jon Betts Back To Sleep is a term coined to help reduce SIDS in infants, but as we send our kids … Read More

Injuries and When to Be Seen by Your Pediatrician

Injuries and When to Be Seen by Your Pediatrician By Dr. Jennifer Ragsdale Even though school is starting, we still have plenty of warm weather left to enjoy! When the … Read More

Meet Dr. Vicky Phillips!

We are looking forward to Dr. Phillips joining the Old Harding Family this Fall! Her first day with patients will be September 13th. Feel free to make your appointment now … Read More

Important announcement for Chris Patton patients

June 1, 2019 Dear Dr. Patton Families, After 21 years with Old Harding Pediatrics, Dr. Chris Patton will be leaving our practice to follow new opportunities. His last day with … Read More

Healthy Summer Fun for the Family from Dr. James Keffer

Summertime is a wonderful time to reset your family, consider reinforcing good habits, or to add healthier habits. The kids have been in school since last August. Between early morning … Read More

Online Check-in Now Available!

When you schedule an appointment with our practice you will receive a text and/or email with an option to “Check-in Online”. Please complete prior to arriving for your appointment.

Why Liberia

In February I travelled to Liberia to provide medical care in orphanages and facilitate international adoptions.  The trip there involved five flights, touching down in five countries, with an overnight … Read More

Picky Eater

Words From A Recovering Picky Eater   You would never know this now, but when I was a little girl, I was an extremely picky eater.  I come from a … Read More

The Risks of E-cigarettes and Vaping

For at least 3000 years, humans have used hot stones, boiling water, and other methods to make fumes or vapors from different plants and substances – think of the hookah … Read More

The Difference Between a Cold and The Flu

“AAAAHHHHHHHH CHOOOOOOO.” “Sniffle.” “I’m Cold.” It’s just another day here at Old Harding Pediatrics! As we walk the halls we are greeted by sad faces and chattering teeth. ITS OFFICIALLY … Read More

Why I Became a Pediatric Nurse

Happy Nurse’s Week to all the nurses out there! I hope each one of you finds yourself on the end of something very chocolatey and delicious! May your scrubs remain free of stains this week, may you eat your lunches sitting down, and may each patient you encounter have excellent veins. Hooray!… Read More

HPV Answers

Have questions about HPV ? Listen to our very own Dr. Keffer give you a little info on this very important vaccine! But as always feel free to ask your pediatrician here at OHPA about any questions or concerns you have!… Read More

The Importance of Being Pro-active About Your Child’s Mental Health

Although not as obvious as physical ailments, issues with one’s mental health can be just as detrimental to a person’s well-being. The reality is that 20% of children between the ages of 13 and 18 will have a mental health issue that needs to be addressed.… Read More

Wash Your Hands!

When I think of germs I picture the round, green blob on the Mucinex commercials. GROSS! Germs are not something that I want in my house, on my body, or the body of my sweet toddler. My little one attends daycare full time and loves to play in the dirt, pick her nose, and constantly has her hands in her mouth. Seriously… it’s gross!… Read More

Head Injuries

As school begins, so do Fall sports. While Friday nights on the football field are mostly fun evenings filled with plenty of school spirit, it’s important to recognize the risks associated with football, soccer, wrestling and any other sport where physical contact is a factor.… Read More

Flu Vaccine

Have you scheduled your child’s appointment for their flu vaccine? We at Old Harding want you to understand the importance of all children, 6 months and older, receiving their annual flu shot. Watch this quick video from Dr. Keffer for more information!… Read More

Firework Safety

Fireworks are as synonymous with Summer as watermelon and swimming pools. By the second week of June, you’re sure to see firework tents popping up by the side of the … Read More

Swimming Safety

I grew up at the beach and have played and worked in aquatics my entire life. During this time, I have seen, experienced and heard a lot. In the 15 years I have taught swimming, I have heard more than a few heart-wrenching stories of accidents in and around the water. It wasn’t until I became a parent that I truly understood the burden of worry for my own children’s safety in those situations.… Read More

Healthy Habits Begin with Small Steps and a Plan

I was asked to offer some tips to help kids develop habits to maintain a healthy weight. Studies of healthy habits in kids show that the following habits are significantly associated with individuals who have and maintain a healthy weight. These healthy habits in kids can only begin with consistent modeling by their parents. Start with small changes to work toward these goals. Have fun. Persevere.… Read More