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EMR Conversion Announcement

EMR Conversion Announcement

The reason we are telling you about this transition is because while it will be a positive change, you will see a few issues while we implement this new system.  All systems will be down for several days as we make sure all of your data transfers safely from one system to another. You may notice longer visit times as we learn the system and adjust our workflow. In addition, it may take longer to get forms completed while the systems are down. While we will do our best, it is possible that we will have less appointment slots available while we train. Some of our interfaces that you rely on will be unavailable for several weeks including patient reminders and the ever popular patient portal.  Please be patient with staff and physicians as we navigate this new system! 

By Dr. James Keffer

Every time we see your child in the office or speak to you over the phone about a refill or a concern, we make a record in your child’s chart. This is to ensure that we know what concerns you may have had or what we did during the visit. Charts or medical records have been around for thousands of years. Archaeologists have uncovered scrolls and tablets from ancient Egypt and Greece dating back to 1600 BC.

Paper records that are used for individual’s medical history date back to the 1700’s. Until the 2000’s, Old Harding Pediatric Associates used paper charts, which worked well but had limitations.

Handwritten notes require the nurse and physician to physically find and handle each patient’s chart and write legibly. Legibility being in the eye of the beholder, most of us [myself included] OVERestimate how good our handwriting is. One of my teachers in residency was notorious for being unable to read her own handwriting. Handwriting makes it harder for us doctors, nurses, and staff to communicate with one another through the chart, as well as providers outside of the practice that may need access to medical records.

For this and other reasons, OHPA went to electronic medical records {EMR] almost 20 years ago. The benefits include not having to keep two charts on each patient [one in Bellevue and one at Old Harding Pike location], eliminating handwriting challenges, enabling us to better participate in practice improvement efforts, and making it possible for multiple staff members to access the chart in one day.

Consider this example: If my son Michael has a fever and I call with a question, the triage staff can in seconds access his chart. They can then route the question to a nurse or doctor in seconds who can respond back quickly without having a delay to physically move that message back and forth between different areas of the office. If he is seen at Old Harding Pike office for a visit and later that day I call with a question, the on-call doctor or nurse can access his chart in less than a minute.

The EMRs that we use now also allow us password protected access from home via laptop or mobile device, improving our documentation of after-hours calls.

The challenge of EMR is that systems can become old and need replacing. This happened to us in 2010 when we changed from NoteWorthy to PrimeSuite, which was a big change – as they were built and maintained by different companies. The conversion took us months to prepare for and months to adjust to.

In September, we are doing another conversion but this time from one of their software platforms to another. This factor should make the conversion smoother than our last one.

The reason we are bringing this up is that during this conversion, our EMR will be down for one week while old system charts are imported into the new system. That means that getting immunization forms and other administrative forms completed for our patients may take longer than the typical 1-3 days it does now. Also, we’ll have to limit the number of visits available for each doctor each day. During our last conversion, we were back up like usual within a few days.

We are still here if you need us and hope to back to full capacity as soon as we are able. Thanks again for the privilege of working with your family.




Security Updates to Our Patient Portal

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An extra security feature has been added to our patient portal to help keep your Personal Health Information secure. When using the Patient Portal,  you will need to access your account in a Chrome web browser. If you are having issues logging in, please disable pop-up blockers on your device. Call our office with any questions.


Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that typically cause mild colds. We see them year-round, although like all cold/cough viruses, more in the winter. Most of us and our kids have already had 1 or more of the 4 mild strains that cause mild illness – cough, runny nose, fever.

COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus. That means it’s something our immune systems have never seen before. However, because children are exposed to so many other viruses in the same family on a regular basis, they do seem to have some cross-immunity to this strain. Like how even in seasons when the flu shot isn’t a terrific match, vaccinated individuals who catch the flu can fight it off very quickly. A healthy immune system recognizes the virus quickly and mounts an immune response quickly. This may be the reason why there have been no pediatric deaths reported in any country.

Like other coronaviruses, COVID-19 will cause cold/cough symptoms, likely with a mild fever. Like other viruses, there is no treatment besides symptomatic care — Tylenol and Motrin, honey for coughs in kids older than 1 year, cool-mist humidifiers and suctioning for babies. Stay hydrated and comfortable. Like other viruses, there is a greater concern for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

The spread of COVID-19 in other countries has been worsened by people flooding the ER’s and clinic. Don’t do that. If you or your child has mild cold symptoms, stay home! We do not even need to see you in our office. Follow school guidelines for returning — no fever for 24 hours, no disruptive coughing, child feels well enough to participate. **We do NOT have a test for COVID-19 in our office.

So unless symptoms are severe, we urge you to not call for an appointment either.**Your child SHOULD be seen for:

— respiratory distress, including a barking cough, increased work of breathing, or cough that interferes with sleep or play
— A baby under 60 days with any fever (>100.4F)
— dehydration
— sore throat in the absence of cold symptoms
— ear pain for more than 2 days in kids older than 2y, or in conjunction with fever in kids younger than 2y
– – in kids 60 days or older, fever above 100.4 for more than 5 days

The chances are that COVID-19 is already widespread. US medical staff did not start testing in this country until last week and not tested many, because test supplies are limited.

Flu is still the major cause of illness in the pediatric population. Most of us at OHPA are seeing lots of kids with the flu each day. Getting flu vaccine every season is still one of the best ways to prevent severe sickness from flu.

Other keys to stay safe and healthy.

Stay calm.
Wash your hands.
Cover your cough.
Call us for any concerns.

Stay tuned to our website and social media outlets. We’ll have updates as we learn more.

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