HPV Answers

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Have questions about HPV ? Listen to our very own Dr. Keffer give you a little info on this very important vaccine! But as always feel free to ask your pediatrician here at OHPA about any questions or concerns you have!… Read More

Wash Your Hands!

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When I think of germs I picture the round, green blob on the Mucinex commercials. GROSS! Germs are not something that I want in my house, on my body, or the body of my sweet toddler. My little one attends daycare full time and loves to play in the dirt, pick her nose, and constantly has her hands in her mouth. Seriously… it’s gross!… Read More

Head Injuries

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As school begins, so do Fall sports. While Friday nights on the football field are mostly fun evenings filled with plenty of school spirit, it’s important to recognize the risks associated with football, soccer, wrestling and any other sport where physical contact is a factor.… Read More

Flu Vaccine

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Have you scheduled your child’s appointment for their flu vaccine? We at Old Harding want you to understand the importance of all children, 6 months and older, receiving their annual flu shot. Watch this quick video from Dr. Keffer for more information!… Read More

Firework Safety

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Fireworks are as synonymous with Summer as watermelon and swimming pools. By the second week of June, you’re sure to see firework tents popping up by the side of the … Read More

Swimming Safety

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I grew up at the beach and have played and worked in aquatics my entire life. During this time, I have seen, experienced and heard a lot. In the 15 years I have taught swimming, I have heard more than a few heart-wrenching stories of accidents in and around the water. It wasn’t until I became a parent that I truly understood the burden of worry for my own children’s safety in those situations.… Read More

Healthy Habits Begin with Small Steps and a Plan

I was asked to offer some tips to help kids develop habits to maintain a healthy weight. Studies of healthy habits in kids show that the following habits are significantly associated with individuals who have and maintain a healthy weight. These healthy habits in kids can only begin with consistent modeling by their parents. Start with small changes to work toward these goals. Have fun. Persevere.… Read More


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What are the characteristics of the flu? Sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, malaise, and diffuse myalgia are the main symptoms of flu. As the illness progresses, sore throat, nasal … Read More

Allergy Tips from Triage

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Nasal discharge with an allergy usually stays clear, where with a cold the discharge may turn yellow or green after several days. If it is a cold, other family members … Read More

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