Milestones from Birth to 12 months

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2 Weeks of Age:

  • Lifts head when lying on parent’s chest
  • Can fix eyes on your face

2 Months Old:

  • Looks at you in a direct line
  • Can grasp a rattle
  • Smiles responsively
  • Can turn head to a sound
  • Coos

4 Months Old:

  • Can hold head up when lying on abdomen
  • Has steady head control in an upright position
  • Can pull head up with his body when pulled up to sitting position
  • Rolls front to back
  • Plays with hands
  • Can hold a rattle or small toy
  • Stares at a mobile or activity center
  • Can follow you around room with his eyes
  • Smiles, squeals, laughs

6 Months Old:

  • Can reach and grasp
  • Rolls over, either direction
  • Sits on his/her own
  • Turns his/her head to a sound or loud noise
  • Starts to discriminate strangers, start stranger anxiety
  • Can follow 180 degrees, has good head control

9 Months Old:

  • Can sit well on his own
  • Starts crawling
  • May pull himself to a stand and may cruise furniture
  • Picking things up with 2 fingers, poking at objects
  • Can finger feed self
  • Babbling, many have 1-2 meaningful vocalizations
  • Can respond to “ where’s mama?”
  • Can understand “bye-bye”
  • Enjoys games like pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo
  • Stranger awareness
  • Can reach for things with one hand
  • Can bang toys together

12 months Old:

  • Can pick up things with 2 fingers
  • Points to objects
  • Plays pat-a-cake, claps
  • May have a 2-4 word vocabulary
  • May be walking/standing alone or with help
  • Uses mama and dada correctly