Bicycle Safety

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“Bicycles and scooters can be great holiday gifts. But remember when it comes to wheeled sports, a helmet is a necessity, not an accessory.” (sited from Healthy

Be HEADstrong! Get the whole family in bike helmets. How much would you pay to protect your child? Is $25.00 too much? Bike helmets cost money, but what they protect is priceless: a child’s life and future.

Bike helmets reduce the risk of your child’s head injury by 85%.

Who should wear a helmet?

Everyone who rides a bike should wear a helmet. Role modeling by parents is an important influence on children’s usage. Passengers on bike seats and carriers should also be helmeted.

When should it be worn?

Always. Your child should never ride a bike without wearing a helmet. Most accidents in children don’t happen with cars. They happen from falls, which can occur anywhere.

How should I choose a helmet?

You should pick a helmet, which is CPSC certified. Never buy a helmet that does not have an approval sticker. A good helmet should have a hard outer shell to disperse impact and prevent penetration and an inner liner of shock absorbent material. Adjustable pads and chin-straps assure a proper fit. The chin-strap must be properly adjusted and snapped. Good helmets are lightweight with reflective trim and good ventilation.