Allergy Tips from Triage

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  1. Nasal discharge with an allergy usually stays clear, where with a cold the discharge may turn yellow or green after several days.
  2. If it is a cold, other family members may also have the same symptoms but they should clear in about a week.
  3. Allergy sufferers develop dark circles under their eyes. These are called allergic shiners.
  4. Medications to treat allergies differ somewhat from cold medicines. Contact your physician before treating your children with allergy medicines.

Tips to help with outdoor allergies:

  1. Give your child a bath after playing outdoors and change their clothes. This will get the pollen out of their hair and eyelashes and it will also prevent getting pollen on their bed linens and the furniture.
  2. Keep some Benadryl on hand in case your child starts to have an allergic reaction from a bee sting or an insect bite.
  3. If you know your child has spring time allergies and has to take medications, check the dates of the medication to make sure they are not expired and call our office if you need refills. 615-352-2990 or you can e-mail for refills.
  4. If you have questions about whether your child may be suffering from allergies, contact our office to speak with a nurse.